Welcome at Matrix Private Limited


With nearly 30 years of experience in the market and a strong technical background, we understand our customer’s needs and take pride in providing unmatchable customer services. We have a passion for excellence which is depicted by the reputable multinational companies associated with us.


We are the local agent of some world’s leading companies in Pakistan like Afton Chemicals USA, BASF, Total Petrochemicals Belgium, Yenom Singapore, Akpa Chemicals Turkey, Inoex GmbH Germany, Srisol Compounds India. We deliver Finished Fuel Additives, Gas Treating Chemicals, Polymer raw materials and equipments for plastic pipe industry, Packaging and Rubber Industry.


One of the businesses of the company is Chemicals and Plastics distribution under banner of Matrix Trading Services (Pvt) Ltd. Its subsidiaries are involved in Travel Services, Manufacturing/Formulations and Project Management Training detail of which are as:


➜ Travel Portfolio Pakistan Private Limited
➜ Matrix Chemical Industries Private Limited


Meet Our Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to do what ever it takes to make your business grow.

Mr. Nasim-uz-Zafar Burney


Mr. Nasim-uz-Zafar Burney is Chairman of the company. He also runs the Travel Services business. He has a degree in economics and brings with him 33 years of rich working experience in travel industry out of which 26 years with Pakistan International Airlines having direct interaction with high profile government functionaries and clients.

Mr. Naeem Burney

Chief Executive

Mr. Naeem Burney is the Chief Executive. He is a qualified Polymer Technologist with over 28 years experience. Prior to setting up his own business in 1993, he worked for BASF and Dow Chemicals for more than ten years in chemicals and plastics divisions. He was also the founder of Excel Trade International which represented some major multi national chemical companies and had a turnover of more than US$ 15 Million when he decided to start Matrix with diversified activities. He enjoys very good reputation and respect in the market.

Dr. Nadeem Akhtar Burney


Dr. Nadeem Akhtar Burney holds a doctorate in Economics from Johns Hopkins University and has more than thirty years experience including World Bank in Washington, Pakistan Institute of Development Economics and Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research. He specializes in microeconomics and is well known in the economists circle in the country.

Mr. Faiz Ahmed Malik


Mr. Faiz Ahmed Malik is a Chemical Engineer. He is based in Lahore and is responsible for chemicals and plastics marketing. He has been in this field for nearly 28 years. Prior to Matrix he worked for BASF for more than ten years in marketing and product development. He has also worked in manufacturing for some leading local companies. He has very strong technical background good market knowledge and relations with the customers.

Mr. Mumtaz Ali Rajper


Mr. Mumtaz Ali Rajper also holds a degree of economics and more than 30 years experience at senior management level in the airline industry. He was country head of PIA in France, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Algeria, Morocco and Tunis. He has been the managing director of two satellite TV channels. He enjoys very good contacts at all levels and segments of society.

Market Segments


Finished Fuels

Afton Chemicals develop world leading automotive performance additives for diesel, gasoline or alternative fuels to help you meet your business goals, such as competitive products for market share growth or premium products for developing stronger brands.

Afton’s total ‘Refinery-to-Pump’ coverage includes fuel specification and distribution additives for octane and cetane improvement, as well as addressing the needs of lower sulfur fuels such as lubricity improvement. Additionally, their range of distribution additives provides corrosion protection and conductivity improvement to allow you to safely and economically deliver millions of tons of on-specification fuels each year.

From refiners, terminals and traders to cargo treaters and blenders, Afton has a product to meet your needs.

Gas Treating

Some of the world’s largest natural gas producers and crude oil refiners rely on BASF’s gas treating amines to remove undesirable compounds from refinery and natural gas streams in order to make their products safe for domestic or industrial use. Also known as gas conditioning, gas treating uses amine solutions to absorb unwanted acid gases such as H2S & CO2. BASFmakes a variety of amines that can be customized to treat almost any inlet gas composition. With a dedicated team of gas treating experts, we can assist customers in optimizing their gas conditioning operations and offer troubleshooting support. In addition, our engineers use the most advanced analytical systems to provide comprehensive laboratory testing and reporting on customer amine samples.


Plastics and polymers are integral part of our everyday life. They are used in every field like auto motive, packaging, medical, pipes, cables, furniture, home appliances etc. we represent some major multinational companies and suppliers for plastic raw materials and compounds which are used in above applications. These include Polyethylene, Polystyrene, Polypropylene, Specialty compounds and Elastomers.


Unsaturated Polyester Resins are used in wide variety of applications like Fiberglass, Plywood Coating, Artificial Marble and Car Putty. We manufacture polyester resins for all the above applications at our plant in Lahore. We also import Per-Oxides which are used widely in fiberglass industry for curing unsaturated polyester resin. We also provide technical support and consultancy through our highly experienced and qualified technical people. Quality has always been the chief endeavor at our company. This attribute is reflected in each and every piece of our manufactured product range.