HiTEC® 4661

Key Performance Benefits

HiTEC® 4661 diesel performance additive delivers our most advanced Greenclean™ detergent technology, in combination with a significant cetane improver boost. Greenclean™ detergent technology has proven “Keep-clean” and “Clean-up” performance for both types of diesel injector deposits impacting vehicles today: Traditional Coking Deposits and ULSD Internal Deposits.

HiTEC® 4661 has been designed to deliver Supreme “Clean-up” ensuring that the injectors are cleaned and kept free from deposits resulting in:

➜ Rapid increase in fuel economy in both HDD and PC
➜ Improved power and acceleration
➜ Reduced emissions
➜ Enhanced engine life
➜ Advanced performance in industry tests

Other benefits include:

• A four to six increase in cetane number
• Excellent corrosion protection
• Superb anti-foam performance in biodiesel blends
• Biodiesel performance up to B10