Matrix Chemical Industries (MCI)

The Company was established in 2010 and started operations in early 2011. The company is engaged in manufacturing Un-saturated Polyester resin, which is primarily used in manufacturing of Fiberglass items, Car Putty, Buttons, sheet moldings compound, bulk moldings compound. Wall panels fabricated from polyester resins reinforced with fiberglass are typically used in restaurants, kitchens, restrooms and other areas that require washable low-maintenance walls.

Un-saturated Polyester resins have good freeze thaw resistance and are used in many low to high temperature applications ranging from refrigerated enclosures to hot water geysers. Other various uses of Un-saturated Polyester resin includes sinks, shower stalls, pipes, water tanks and high performance components for heavy automobiles such as trucks, boats, trailers, buses etc.

Quality has always been an endeavor at our company. This attribute is reflected in each and every piece of our manufactured product range.

Lahore Factory

Canal Bank, Hanif Park, Near Fiber Craft Industries, Harbanspura, Lahore.
Tel No. +92-42-36524071-3
Fax No. +92-42-36524074